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Corporate Grooming ( Online/Offline : Interviews)


Join us this 31st March 2021 , airing in Facebook. A must see discussion topic by Host Jay and Guest Trainer Ms. Michelle John.

This sharing talk by Miss Michelle John is designed to develop self-confidence in the total image projected by a trainee whilst attending their ONLINE/OFFLINE Interviews. This includes everything to do with a trainee’s total appearance - the way to communicate through dressing, and body language.

This special sharing talk incorporates a head-to-toe body language guide, building a professional wardrobe, personal grooming  to reflect that of a competent professional, who is highly motivated as he or she is dynamic.


Objective :


Creating a positive impressions for ONLINE/OFFLINE interviews ; Increasing confidence and self-esteem Enhancing through dressing, grooming and body language.


Body Language at Work :


Are you conscious that you are making statements and influencing what others think of you even when you are not verbalizing your thoughts? Hear on how to be aware of the hidden signals that your body conveys so that you send the right message across all the time online/offline.  


Topics include:


• The ‘smile’ factor

• Building posture, facial expressions and eye contact, gestures for effective communication

• Practical guides to using body language at the work place.

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