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Tips for Saving Money During Your Internship.


2020 has taken an unexpected turn with the current crying outbreak of pandemic Corona. Globally it has been a very upsetting year - 2020/21 for many  industries, thus many jobs was and still  is, affected badly. 


Some employees and trainees are currently suffering pay cuts , losing their jobs , losing their internship slots and the list adds on ..


But for some fortunate interns; who are still in training and most likely now; with a reduced training allowance, due to the impact of Covid - 19 and partly because of the current uprising "work from home" culture. 


Question :


What should you, do at this time of crisis ?


Answer :


You would need to budget yourself properly for the smooth completion of your Internship Period during this crisis.


Any tips ???


Well, our expert consultants from has came out with a  easy to follow bucket list on how to budget during  your Internship Semester.

Pro tips #MI4U



Pro tips #MI4U – 1

You can always option to borrow books from the library , instead of buying new ones , especially the ones needed for a short period.


Pro tips #MI4U - 2

YES ,  you will receive a pay slip during your Internship Semester, but that does not mean , you should commit yourself for a hire purchase loan in order to obtain a motor vehicle, at that present moment, using your new financial documentation. Try fighting that temptation . Enjoy your life as a student   using public transport . Best years of your life ! Trust us .. :)


Pro tips #MI4U - 3

Fitness is a very vital and important lifestyle slot , that a student should never miss out on a weekly basis . A simple jog, or utilizing the campus or apartment gym ; would be the best option for the current moment, as opposed of spending few hundred ringgit monthly to enroll in a branded gym .. Best things in Life are FREE!! 


Pro tips #MI4U - 4

In a mission to visit the supermarket but with a tight budget ? Well, please ensure YOU never go for grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Everything will look so tempting to purchase.


Pro tips #MI4U - 5

We all learned to cook during our undergraduate years , male and female. The cooking art of a bachelor and bachelorette, has won the hearts of many once mastered . So, why not join the race : Limit yourself from eating outside as it' is very expensive (+ u need not, tip a waiter) and most importantly you SAVE MONEY at the same time !


Vijendhiren Ahrumugam 

HRDF Trainer 


Ahli Panel Pemikir : Yayasan Era Suria 

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